I am currently getting ready to begin recording Midnight / Faders, which will be the release edition of my initial long term project. The project was started at the end of 2011 & stood as my “learning” project. I had to teach myself everything I know about independent music development to get to this point.

Yes, I have released several “unlisted (underground)” demos of this project along the development of it, however after a long hiatus I plan to combine my talents, re-record the project & release it for public consumption. It’s going to be lit mmk. Recording the project shouldn’t take me longer than a week to re-record all the vocals… but there is a ton of other things that need to be done to actually reach the recording stage… so you know sometimes a week can turn into a year, or 4… but not this time (lol, definitely not a year)! I am ready to push forward now that I have re-dedicated myself to my craft after a nice lil’ run in the working in the field.

The website is still under developement, however now that I have finally finished my new (far more efficient) setup (it was not easy) I can roll out updates to the site as well. Stay tuned! Also I am super excited to being publishing to my blog regulary, as social media profiles pale in comparisson to the freedom of owning your own website & blog. I am the kind of person who likes to write semi-essays on just about every ┬átopic you can think of & I’d like to have all my blurbs organized in one official place. I don’t mind if my blog doesn’t get many visitors, I’m very used to being damn near muted on social media so I’m just happy I will have a great place to share my ideas (publicly, & privately at the same time) without forcing them down other peoples throats. Expect this blog to be pretty active, & random.

I have alot of things I have written online that I plan to import here to start too, so don’t be suprised if some of my next few posts don’t really flow together as they may not be primary concerns of mine (like “you made this blog to post this!?), but they are things I wanted to post previously!