Yes I know my progress bar is a strange one to follow, you would assume I would be working on songs and projects individually one by one, however that’s not my style. I prefer to consolidate everything and optimize/standardize each and every project and then “process” them all at once.

Rather than going out in the cold for wood, and sprinting back with a stick, tossing it in the fire until it burns out & it’s time to get the next one… I just gather all the sticks first (staying out in the freezing cold longer #ShowingNoProgress) and then throw sectioned groups of them in the fire at the same time.

Now that the majority of the material has been collected and organized, and my mixing recipes & checklist has been created, I am on the rendering pass 1 of every single track in all 4 projects. Straight down the list. After this it is pass 2, where issues from 1 will be corrected… also during pass 2 the needed bells and whistles will be created, this will be the final pass for projects that were already about completed… then pass 3 will be finalizing, smoothening out the overall project to its final state to a pre-master render. Then its mastering.

Note, the same kind of chain will be applied to all the tracks, according to its kind (leads get the lead, hooks get hooks etc). The chain has all the tools and a preset sound for the overall type. However the songs will not sound the same because in addition to my usual fine tuning after all the chains are put in place, this generation of my production includes alot of variable, dynamic tools that will assist me in creating high quality material specifically for each part. This includes dynamic compressors and equalizers. The goal is for every project to be of comparable quality when played over speakers, and all songs will have their own unique sounds enhanced.