Design features the original concept of FADERS coloring book title,¬†over a classic cycling path, now over-layed with very dark and¬†eerie aspects. You can hardly see the path anymore, you can see a woman with outstretched arms, silhouettes of men in suits above.. and octopus is merged with a pair of floating entities, to create a hovering jellyfish-like monster… cell phones scattered underneath. I would love for the flying octopus monster to be a realistic steel silver, but only so much can be done digitally. Design encompasses the aesthetic of the production of the songs listen, and the dark transitions featured across many of the songs, and obviously the running girl is a reference to the song Shame, and also a bridge from Midnight & Lions song that speaks of being chased by the storm (this song is codename: tragedy, it was the final song written & recorded for M&L)….

Anyways this is the current RC, artwork for the other 3 projects are coming in the next few days as well.