This is not a drill! I have that fire on me! It’s finally mastered! Kay, Faders & Appetizers your up next! These projects are also finished being mixed and are waiting in line to be mastered. Midnight & Lion was first up… Also an update on the 4 track lost ep that was recovered… yeah it’s lagging behind, I am not 100% sure I am going to release it due to me being out of control of it’s overall quality with some portions of the project being hard baked in… literally one song ‘All I want’, which was like my first single that I was going to release ever in 2011 has most of the vocal burned into it and I can’t recover it’s original project files without massive efforts (I’ve been through 6 hard drives since then come on now)… Anyways that doesn’t really matter because all the “all I wants and woo’s” were mixed pretty well with the original, but even some of the “this is today me” verse lyrics are from 2014 and I don’t want to dig them up… the final verse’s “this is today me”, added in again w/ the new instruments is like the only vocals that I can easily address… Then I have ‘Ring of Fire’ which is just the stems basically, but the stems have already been heavily eq’d in ways I wish they hadn’t lol… the track ‘I busted right in’ is very basic, and honestly it was an experiment, but the 4th song ‘All This’ is actually a pretty decent single, with everything in tact & easily editable… still though ‘All I want’ and ‘All This’ are like the two best songs on there and the other 2 are just experiments so it’s got me in a position where I’m not sure if I want to proceed with the entire project if I know its only shooting 50% when I’m trying to ensure my projects are all shooting 90%+ (I feel 90%+ of the project is worthy of being released).

Obviously if you are reading this as I publish it you can see my website isn’t fully completed… as it is still waiting for the projects to all be completed before proceeding to invest energy in this area, but it will be finished rather quickly honestly, as most of the work has been done on it’s core frame, the site structure, speed optimizations, SSL-enabled, general theme etc… its just waiting on me to submit a bunch of text & a few graphic items here and there (which revolve around the artwork for the projects). I don’t have alot of time to play around with so expect that to be done soon as well. I am in a hurry for progress otherwise, my creative opportunities will all come to a sudden & complete halt!

On another note, as I look at the date of this post… why is it that all my biggest advancements always seems to happen on Solstices.. you would have to know me to see the pattern honestly… I’m always really making major moves on the solstices & other astrologically important days. The dates on my files tho. also its funny as hell because I LITERALLY¬†said last night as I was trying to do an all nighter, but break it up with a nap “I wish there were more hours in a day” lol and here we are on the longest day of the year.¬†