Confirmed: 7 Songs will have totally changed hooks from the previous demos. In addition to the expected content overhaul, the core of 7 songs have been identified to be less than stellar so their hooks will be revamped. A couple changes in previous betas introduced new and improved hooks for a couple songs, so all together the project is working its way to everything being inspected & perfected. I just don’t feel like I put enough effort into the creation of solid hooks in these songs as I was more concerned with the intense work required in writing solid verses for so many songs (long songs w/ no features at that) & the intricacy of the beats that I initially felt that I could just throw whatever on the hooks & allow the rest of the song content to do the work. Thanks to the fact that now that hard work for one person is done and behind me, I am able to re-focus on the glue keeping the songs together.

There are going to be rewrites to lyrics as well as the overall goal with the re-write leading up to the final recordings is to make the songs more cohesive to a wider spectrum rather than just completely doing my own thing seeing as how I am planning on releasing my projects for public. This means I had to listen more like a 3rd party listener rather than just bopping my head like yeah, Charles Laney is going in… when of course I’m a fan of all the content & know how appreciate the overall construction as I knew the intricacies… but that doesn’t make songs relevant to others.

Yes I am still doing my own thing and it’s still going to 100% be what I want to record but I just want it to be a better more finished product and that is why I am refreshing the lyrics I already know and love in the first place. Plus I just love new things, I don’t want to go back and re-record everything just to try to improve on things that, alot of times were already vocalized properly for what the script called for. So in summery, better, brand new & more thought out content in areas where I didn’t think too much, and upgrades/improvements/tweaks to the areas I already focused on to create songs that I feel don’t need to be carried by the strength of much on my insane production skills. Still I know I am vocally no Adele so I don’t expect that level of focus on on my hooks, & won’t be trying to go all out attempting to sing like that lol but I still can rack up more points by improving my writing, delivery, and most importantly–quality.