The Bible wasn’t centered around the lives of 15, 18, or even 21 year olds. It’s noble to follow God early but if you think he’s some kind of Santa Claus type built for children you’re wrong. God is a friend of the wise, the tried, & proven. Don’t give up & reveal how little of faith you are just because the world wasn’t given to you overnight… It pays to be patient, remain disciplined, & stay focused. Is this message not spread throughout the entire word…? This is a message for the few that are left & haven’t sprinted off in tantrums lol

Some claim they’ve been waiting on God & cry out they haven’t seen him when really they are like people who take long slumbers and wake up & peek out the window for him, say he’s not there, & go back to sleep. I can’t even listen to people like that try to speak against him.

I see God working everywhere every day, in major ways & small.. in my life & others… honestly, if you don’t then maybe you should knock off some of the pounds of sleep from under your eyes & you’ll start seeing what’s in plain sight.