Midnight and Lion (Studio Version) by Charles Laney – Album review

If Hip-hop music is your jam, you need to check out the latest album by Charles Laney. Like now. Preferably after you finish reading this. This rap album is nothing like you’ve heard before. 

Midnight and Lion is a phenomenal amalgamation of quality background music, interesting vocals, and epic themes. The singer, Charles Laney has definitely done an excellent job with this album as a whole. We absolutely loved the balance between the background music and the vocals. This delicate balance is the main aspect that sets this album apart from others. 

Traditionally, when we think of hip-hop music, we think about the vocals being the main aspect; the crisp punch lines, the powerful vocals. But in this album, Charles Laney has done the opposite; he has focused more on the powerful background music. The vocals take on a slightly subdued part. It is worth mentioning that the vocals are powerful as ever, but they are delivered in a low, raspy whisper. This crisp contrast between the powerful wordplay and subtle delivery just makes this album ten times more interesting than all the monotonous, repetitive hip-hop music out there. Although we have nothing against traditional hip-hop music, it can get a little bit boring because all the artists focus on similar themes and composition styles. It was high time to mix things up and introduce other styles in this genre. And we are ever so grateful for Charles Laney to do that. 

The Midnight and Lion was released a little while back, in 2021 and it has definitely managed to garner a lot of attention. Fans can’t stop gushing over the unique background music, and rightly so. With distinct highs and lows, this album is indeed one of a kind. The album consists of 13 tracks and each one is unique in terms of vocals and background music. But our favorite has to be Cool Girl. With enjoyable background music and subdued, whisper-like vocals, this masterpiece is a must-listen for everyone tired of the blaring hip-hop music. The repetition of the phrase “Cool girl, Cool girl” is definitely a mood and a much-needed boost of energy and confidence. Also, we love the variety in the song. It goes from a more electric, hi-low beat and progresses to a more upbeat vibe. The style of the singer also changes drastically throughout the song. It definitely seems like Charles Laney wants his listeners to be on their toes; you just can’t anticipate the next part of the song. Suffice to say, this is a much-needed welcome break from all the predictable, blaring rap songs out there. 

Another favorite from this album is Dressed to Kill. It is safe to say that the crisp, punchlines are the life of this song.

dressed up so alluring
bitch I’m decorating
bloodstained everything
all black everything
disrespect me
you’ll see all black everything

This is an ideal song to listen to when you are having a bad day, or when you need that extra dose of confidence. The lyrics are so good and the singer has definitely done justice to the song with his unwavering, strong voice.  You can listen to the songs on Spotify.com

Fire on Fire is another exceptional hit from Midnight and Lion. The background music of this track is quite different from the other ones. And let’s not forget the powerful, powerful lyrics. Charles Laney has successfully managed to paint a bittersweet picture in this track. It gives you a certain vibe, reminding you of finally letting go of certain things, be it relationships, or even parts of yourself that no longer serve you. 

The subject matter of reference
I did not get your message
I’m living in the present
You’re living off my presents

You can definitely get the fact that Charles Laney is a gifted songwriter. The way he maintains a rhyme and a rhythm throughout his tracks. 

Guess I’m like a gift
I bless-like a kiss
Worth way more than the others
Why would you need another
Lover, lowered me
Down to the grave
& It’s sunny out
But I’m feeling some shade

Midnight and the Lion is indeed a phenomenal album. With a unique composition style and varying background music, this album has definitely got our seal of approval. So, if you still haven’t checked out this album, we strongly encourage you to do so! 

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