Sonically offering a cinematic backdrop every song is it’s own statement. The transitions are meticulously cultivated each song is a scene in a scenic artistic noir. The Columbus, Ohio native has journeyed all the way to Los Angeles where’s he’s been able to hone and aggregate a distinct sound. “Midnight & Lion“ incorporates a compendium of elements including HipHop, Lo-Fi, DrumNBass, DownTempo, Progressive House, and Instrumental. The album is a bricolage of quirky lyrics, off center content, and riveting production.

Driven by lead saw synths and HipHop drum patterns the production is unconventional and intriguing. A few of the standout tracks include “The Work I Put In” which sees Charles Laney displaying his lyrical deftness as he raps “Move it to the beat move your feet get rhythm, squares to a prism what’s a diamond to an album”, “Long Gone”, “Beautiful by Design” and “Lord of the Crowns”. On the latter record he states “I record fire, fire catches fire, fire me, fireman” rapping couplets with ease. The Los Angeles based artist covers a myriad of topics.

The “Midnight & Lion” is an artistic, experimental endeavor. Inundated in peculiarity Charles Laney feels at his best. The album is dauntless, cunning, and weaves eccentric subject matters with precariously adroit production. Scrupulous sequenced to unravel like an avant-garde indie short. Laced with 16 tracks the Ohio native releases a thrilling, and captivating listening experience.