For years I’ve kind of taken the same approach or concept with my album art, which is basically, large collages but now I’m thinking of something new. I really want the album art to look just plain good rather than ‘ultra deep’ or whatever because the collages always end up looking more dull, bland, low quality, & more boring than I expect. People have to know that there is high quality audio and everything is well thought out, so I’m going back to the drawing board here. First focusing on pure typography, the positioning of the titles and what not, and moving on from there… the take away is that I’m done with mushy artwork like what I literally just posted an hour ago, scratching it and aiming to showcase a new approach.

Honestly not even going to lie, the main reason is because god threw a random album artwork posting to my news feed as I was finishing up that faders work of what Nicki Minaj has

just released,

and side by side with the post I just posted, it was no competition on which artwork looked like it housed higher quality audio. Because that’s not going to be true obviously I had to toss that


whole¬†shit out the window because that is how I am. I just force myself to do better, and thats why sometimes I like to be humbled like that… reminds

me of the current boss on dragon ball super how he just gets stronger every time he fights against the sayians (who get stronger as well)… but yeah look at this shit..

Now that looks great; I can’t figure out for the life of me how to get the colors I want without my shit looking like a cartoon but give me a few days and I’ll have all the artwork rolling out & it’s all gonna be dope. Again though I’ve done alot of testing with the mockups on the layout of the titles and I am already sure they are going to be good just by building around my typography