Even 90’s kids we was smart ass hell compared to previous generations & had 10x more exposure to things like sex & porn with tvs & Internet (where you can learn about the world 5,000 times faster than old schoolers visiting a library), weight lifting programs, etc… it’s no surprise you see kids fighting adults & kids fucking teachers every day. Shit almost close to what it was back in the day when everyone was just overall less sophisticated mentally & kids were treated & married like adults as soon as they were sexually developed.

Like honestly I personally don’t even feel like my mind (height, or the size of my dick honestly) has changed a bit since high school, I’m the same person & honestly I probably know less now with all the time outside of school & mind numbingly repetitive jobs, & alcohol & shit. Anyways I’m just saying don’t underestimate any high schooler, honestly they old enough to damn near drink & party with adults. Only thing they ain’t got is all the experience, so they like rookies. Hell, healthy developed young girls out here stuntin’ in there areas too, while being 21st century savvy… the focused kids even out here taking advantage of their understanding of the world & making profitable business & accounts online, both making more money then adults & outperforming adults who are trying their hardest to advertise & build followings online.

Basically it’s like the NFL out here, age is more and more becoming nothing but a number… & so sometimes you might have to square up with one of these fast ass kids… & you MIGHT even take an L! Shit I had a high schooler dunk on me at the Y, I’m still traumatized.

Also their damn cartoons are so fucking mature & complex I can’t even keep up with the shit without taking notes… Who makes those cartoons? The smartest of us, so look we need to dumb the shit down for them to Tom & Jerry level unless we want them thinking like us, when they are young… but since we strive to keep growing, we eventually will face a reality where 16 is the new official 21.