the loss of two head coaches in sean Peyton and drew brees has led to the saints being the least organized least committed team in the entire NFL. they need to clean house cause apparently most of the players look and behave like they don’t wanna participate anymore… meanwhile newcomers like olave and even dalton are introduced in the worst possible scenario.

Its a big problem, because they have high al their caliber, top dollar athletes on offense and defense are only giving 40% like their parents just died… some avoiding competing altogether…. ruining the vibe and making it very difficult to fix this chemistry issue and still field a competitive team… only one solution for a team with a Majority of expensive but sulking talent…

Fire the new coach.

set an example and bring in someone the team will want to work for… basically, a deon sanders type would be the ideal for getting them right back to an elite team. they wont perform for a “traditional” coach.

QB is not the issue, if they performed at their potential, not asking for the 110%+ that could be churned out by good coaches, they could be an 75%+ team with PJ Walker at QB.