I just migrated to a new webhost in my pursuit of a quicker loading website since I am a nerd like that. Anyways, it’s still not complete and I have alot of work to do to get it completed but I have been so busy with my real job and stuff it’s been hard to squeeze time in… I know I need to publish the lyrics, and fix the pages for my projects… but I’ll have to scan for bugs and do a full report on what I need to do. I usually operate on projects like this using a to do list, so I’ll have to sit down and make one.

Back at it again, really really solid work was done by me over the past year, I am just wrapping it all up now with a final pass over to fix any outstanding bugs now that I have had enough time to distance myself from the products & evaluate their overall quality. No major changes are being done, just some tweaks to the overall sound, tone, etc. Nice quick work and then its again to the mastering stage. I may change the artwork though as I do everytime I make an update. I paused on the release hard, as I wasn’t ready to release the projects because I became like a potato from working on the music for so long to the point where I couldn’t even imagine having to actually perform it or anything.. like I was dried all the way out and like had all kinds of things that needed to be taken care of in the real world just to mentally return myself to my star caliber… I’m just about re-hydrated though and feeling like making a big push soon.